Monday, 24 November 2014

#InMyStudio - Tiny Stolen moments...

Mystery is at the heart of creativity.
That, and surprise...As creative channels, 
we need to trust the darkness".... Julia Cameron

When I'm out of my studio - I try find other ways to creatively play.
This pic was taken while driving to our weekend away and layering up with different photo apps.  Sometimes these images can take hours and you can really get lost in the process... which I just love.

We left our weekend away really early - we rushed home because my folks were arriving for the last part of the weekend.  I still had to sort out things at home and make sure we were sorted for their visit.  They arrived late due to an airport delay - so while we waited patiently I stolen some moments #InMyStudio...

Being out of my studio for a whole week and weekend and not painting everyday, fears creep in.... like will I even remember how to paint.  I feel fearful and disconnected.  I know it's silly and crazy - but as soon as I start playing, I start feeling okay and I'm reminded why I just love this so very much!

I did some warm up exercises as I have to get back to my #100Faces and #TeaBagGirl project I'm working on and I have a commission to work on... more about that later.

Yay - my first #16 (slowly gaining ground)

My November and December is crazy busy (like every year - no matter how I try and guard against it).  I'm embracing it this year.  I am being deliberate about certain things so I don't loose it all along the way.  So I've decided through what's left of this month and next - I will wake early and paint most morning before work and life.  If I work wisely - I can score up to 3-4 extra hours. I have lots of art course material to get through... and when you don't have the luxury of free days - then you have to be wise... time wise.  This year my holiday will fall on the other side of Christmas.  I want to slow down enough to make some decisions about my schedule for next year.

I love #15

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