Sunday, 2 November 2014

A much needed breakaway - so grateful for forced rest....

Sooooo I'm finally up to date with life, work and everything else... can I actually say that out loud without it coming back to bite me in the neck...

But that being said... I got to have Friday at home catching my breath and soooo totally finding peace in the quiet.  Finding calm in quiet spaces in my little home.  So grateful for these precious moments to myself.  Plus I was packing up us girls to meet Digz in Wine and Whale Country for the weekend.  He had another stage adventure race!  We haven't had a weekend away together for ages and we were excited.

We arrived to this.... our backdoor view... 
We had no wifi, signal, comms or tv and no art supplies or computers.
It was forced rest and forced silence!
And it was rather wonderful.

Once I got over the initial idea of no comms and no art supplies - I pulled out my book and curled up to read my Julia Cameron Autobiography.  I had a glorious nap on Saturday... just what the doctor ordered.  We shared wonderful meals together, lots of healing laughter and lots of deep convos.  It was truly what we all needed.  And it was so embraced by all of us.  We have come home with happy full hearts.  Digs race was good and being a support to him is something we all love!  While Digz rode all day - we got to spend awesome time together - girlie time!
Goofing around, reading together.  Cuddling together and lots and lots of laughing together!

I love the tenderness of this shot.
I love how they still find me in bed and creep in for cuddles in my arms and occasionally fall asleep there... as grown up as they are getting... this is so precious to me!!!!

Digz at the end - all dusty and dirty...
but raving!

MarketStall - lots and lots of bread!
Pity I can't have any :-(

Goodbye beautiful view... it's been special and the birdlife - incredible!
So grateful for this time away to help us get through the final push to the end of the year!
We have 6 weeks of hard work ahead of us!

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