Thursday, 27 November 2014

#InMyStudio - working through a commission piece...

Three people asked to buy these little angels.  It really was a small piece and the interest in it really was a delightful surprised.   This little piece went to live with my beautiful friend Annie.  Christy emailed me and asked if I would consider doing one with 3 Angels for her that represent her and her 2 best friends... funny enough I had just done another small piece, with 3 angels on for a friend as a gift and had already drawn up 3 angels on a large canvas board.  So when Christy asked - I could send her what was now already a #WIP.  Synchronicity at it's best and I just love that.  One of my greatest joys about painting, is never really knowing how any piece is going to turn out and I certainly can't mimic any piece.  So I agreed to do the commission on one condition... that she wasn't bound by it - if it didn't speak right to her heart - she didn't have to take it.  It was something I was going to be doing anyway.  That way releasing her and myself - if it didn't work out.  I love that Christy gave me the freedom to paint them from my heart.

It's been almost 2 years since I did a commission piece - it was a decision I made not to do them until I felt ready... and this month, has been my 2nd commission work.
I wouldn't say now I'm ready... I guess it just kind of happened that way.

Anyway, here's the evolution so far... 

sharing the early stages... certainly takes courage
But I'm loving something about this image.

Kitty trying to be one of my girls.  
I do, however ,think it's her eyes that come out in all my paintings
She's my fav Angel of these 4

At this stage, for me, it's about getting my proportions right and getting
the three angels to work altogether.
Getting 3 faces to sync is no easy feat.
Feeling the tenderness here...

The challenge is getting my composition to a place that I'm happy with and my face proportions and that they make sense together.  Now I'm ready to go deeper with deeper layers of paint and detail work.  I would like to put more texture and layers on the dresses.  There is a tenderness between these 3 which I'm just loving.  It's a little dreamy with their papercrowns.  So far, I'm happy!  I had a big knot in my stomach yesterday.  I'm going to let them settle here for a day and come back on the weekend and see where we go together.

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