Sunday, 9 November 2014

Connecting with creative friends...

So on Sunday I had my scheduled Skype chat with my friend Robin from Australia.  We connected online this year and again in real life in Italy.  She's an incredible artist and person.  And I'm so touched that we have had the chance to have our paths cross.  And I can't tell you how that made my day.  Speaking and really connecting with like minded creatives - was so what I needed.  It's something that I really realized while I was in Italy and again this weekend.

Sometimes I feel pretty isolated here in creating alone in my little studio in Cape Town, as much as I do love it too.  Then I'm reminded that I am part of such an incredible community, albeit online.  It's precious.  Sometimes I forget that we have the beauty of Skype - making connecting much easier and closer.  It's definitely something I want to... I need to do more of.  Thank you Robin for sharing part of you with me.  And allowing me to do the same.  Definitely a highlight to my weekend.

Robin's piece of art from her website... Click on the link above.

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  1. Lovely reading this Jeanne Marie.Yes yes...I so relate! I also feel so isolated here in Darwin....Australia but so lonely and isolated up north... and this community is pretty amazing. It keeps us together, and help us to keep going.... I am too grateful for this Jeanne Marie....
    with love