Sunday, 23 November 2014

Supporting the PaperBoys...

 The view from our little cottage and our daily visitor

I came back from a week of being out of town, I didn't even unpack... I just repacked and come Friday afternoon, we headed out the door for a weekend away.  Digby had a team event in the country and we were supporting - Team West Coast Paper Traders.

Team West Coast Paper Traders
What a magic bunch of guys!!

 I was having a hard time getting my head around this weekend away... I needed to be home.  I knew we would have fun - that was never an issue and we were going with excellent people.  It was just my homebody self and my need to be home.  Plus I have lots going on and the girls had studying... etc. etc.  That being said - we really did have a wonderful time.  I know how important it is for the guys when their people are there to support.  When exerting yourself like that - you need to feel the love.  And I get that.

My PaperBoy... big love!

Car shenanigans while waiting for the PaperBoys...

My Camera Girl - love her

And our little cottage for the weekend.  Precious, isn't it?
We had a surprising little discovery when we got there... that there was no electricity!!!
That was a pretty major gear shift - it was rather incredible...  Solar lamps and gas stove... right down to boiling the kettle on the stove.  A reminder of how spoilt we have become and how we take convenience for granted.  Remember... it wasn't so long ago that the loo was an outhouse.  Hahaha - I guess my connection issues are being challenged and reminding me to pull back, disconnect and shut off from time to time.  I know this much - I want to go back and spend some time chilling there with no agenda.  Reading, sleeping, eating etc... 

The view from my bed... 

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