Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekend news... and studying blues....

Early Saturday Morning Meanderings.... love starting my weekend #InMyStudio
HappyHeart!  HappyDay for me.  But study madness is flowing through this house as we enter into a 3 week long exam cycle.  My least favorite time of year.

Live music and picnic in our little park until the rain came pouring down... so oooover winter!  Come now summer - I'm feeling desperate.  I'm back in winter warmers.

I had an old stretch canvas that I broke out of it's box frame.  I was using this  loose cut canvas under my paintings when I worked - I gessoed over it the other day and thought it would be nice to use it.  It's a new love I have.... painting on pieces of loose canvas (not stretched or on boards)  I love the softness of the soft loose canvas... so this is me just painting with Stabilo and Gesso - it's really something I just love doing... painting with gesso.  I might just leave this piece right here!!! Totally i love with this.

Packaging up and creating parcels.... gives me so much joy.
Off to the Post Office for me!!


  1. Are you drawing into the gesso while it's wet? Oh, how I love your beautiful

    1. yes I do sometimes, well probably most times. Sometimes I paint into the wet gesso and I really love that too - I guess it's kind of a way they did frescos... :-)