Monday, 6 April 2015

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We have had a precious long weekend.  Yesterday we got to sleep in late and chat in bed.
My highlights are when the girls still come cuddle in the mornings.  We share warm drinks, chats and laughs, lots of them. We share beautiful stories and watch crazy YouTube videos.
With our busy schedules - these days are becoming sacred.

We rose early-ish today cos the peeps wanted to hit the mountain bike trails.
I wasn't sure I was going to join in the country today because I wanted to get into the ArtEntwined classroom.  But I'm so glad I did I did go in the end.  I got to make a little studio space outside under the trees and it was just such a visually beautiful day. Sometimes it's just so good to get out of my comfort zones and get new perspective and get new visual material.

My view for the day.
Beauty in every direction

My art desk this morning and my view to the left.

I know depth perspective is in our lessons... I made extra effort to photograph some.
I also see rhythm in this picture.  The repetitive bolts and planks.  And or course line... taking my eye out.  Part of my homework is to collect pictures of line and then draw them out - to give us greater understanding of drawing such things to ultimately incorporate them into paintings.

SelfCare - 6"x6" Graphite
For my homework journal - practicing hands.
Oswaldo is still inspiring me and I'm feeling a tad obsessed.
Finding ways to emotionally incorporate hands.

Today I packed in my Instamatic Camera - I've taken a few pictures at home but some of them have been such duds.  So I was a bit despondent and I've been nervous to play with it.  So we have been kind of avoiding each other since (as I usually do) when I'm uncomfortable with things.  

But today I thought "what the hell".
Taking shots of my people and capturing today instantly = priceless.
That top Instamatic of the AppleOrchards is so lovely and moody.  And of course, I love the picture of my riders.  The Instax spools are expensive but I've decided I'm going to carry my camera around with me and capture moments whenever I can.... feeling encouraged.

I managed to get in these 3 draw ups today.  Can't wait to paint tonight.

Got to feel Autumn between my toes today.
The winds of change are blowing.
Figuratively and literally... 

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