Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spending time with family was good for my heart...

My parents live about 1000miles away from me so making seeing each other a challenge.  Also for them running their own farm and dairy {Belnori Cheesery} doesn't give them liberty for long breaks or time away.  So when they get to come into my neck of the woods - it's such a treat.  And I always cherish our time.

  They arrived Wednesday in The Cape for the SA Cheese Awards.  I picked them up from the airport and brought them home with me and we spent the afternoon together with Kitty.  Corks missed them because she had a cross country meet.  We joined them for the Award event and Gala dinner.  Always a nice treat for us to get out to a gala event.  We had great fun with them.
 I'm always up for cuddles from my Pops.  Digs and my Dad raving.

Love these guys.  So proud of all they do and have achieved.

Granny always brings treats for her girls.
Well and for me.  I am allergic to cows milk so she supplies me with my Goats and Sheep products.  How spoilt am I.  Both those items cost much if I had to purchase them commercially.

One happy girl today!  Goats Milk Yoghurt.
Yummy much.

I took Thursday off too and we had coffee together before heading into the City to show them Bree Street.  Just a delightful trendy artisan food street.  And to take them to see a new deli that will be stocking their products.  (Good news for me) and then we headed back to the airport and we got to have lunch together.  And just spent a few hours chatting and really connecting with our hearts.  I can't tell you how much I needed it.  Was really sad to send them off.

Luckily for me as I was sending them off, my brother was arriving and coming to spend sometime with us.  I'm being spoilt!

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