Friday, 17 April 2015

#InMyStudio - Yay.... I reached #100!

The Courageous One - 16.5" x 23" CanvsBoard
I can't believe I've reached #100... eeeck!!!

Well if I'm totally honest - I knew I wanted my 100th one to be a special piece.  So I actually bypassed it and did 101, 102 and 103 and so on.  I had started this piece last week on the 100th day but I wanted to spend extra time on her.  I'm absolutely in love with this red haired girl that kept showing up on my canvas' and I knew I wanted to explore doing her BIG.

She superseded my expectations.

What I love about this piece was that I managed to take elements that I've learnt and been playing with over the past 2 weeks and incorporate them into this piece... this piece is a combination of 3 or 4 other paintings.  What I'm even more stoked about, besides getting so far in my #1FaceaDay project is that I was able to work and fix and rework those hands... and move the fingers right up without loosing my way or giving up.  I'm understanding the hands much more and the shading and painting of them... and doing fingernails in away that isn't completely creepy.  I'm really thrilled.  I have loved painting this series so much.  Waking up to such incredible love and support for this piece - man alive, it gives me such courage to continue on my journey.  Thank you all, especially my partner in crime, Anne - for journeying with me through #1FaceaDay.

Let the journey continue.

But today - I'm ready to dive back into ArtEntwined - week 2.

Lovely Friday, Beautiful friends.

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  1. Congratulations!!! She is a mighty #100!!! So proud of you! xxx