Friday, 3 April 2015

#InMyStudio... MotherDaughterLove of two...

I had one thick cover plaster sheet left and I was feeling sad that this was the case.
My Precious Book from Lorraine and Courtney.  There is serious something about these plaster sheets that has an old world feeling to them. Like they come from an ancient time. I'm absolutely in love with them. 

I knew I wanted to do another MotherLove piece but this time I wanted to do two girls...
Obviously because of my story.  I knew I wanted to do it in a similar theme that I did my last one.
And I'm so love with this style, theme and little piece.
I love how her one hand is biggish.

I had worked the whole day at home on Good Friday.  Work work.
But eventually I switched off and I pulled out my plaster bandages and cardboard and started making some new sheets.  Oh my goodness - it was beautiful play and wonderfully therapeutic after a long day behind my computer.  There is something so wonderful about playing like a child with your hands.  Messy and hands caked with plaster of Paris.

Yay - seven new sheets... bring on the joy of filling these pages.

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