Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spending the day at Uni....

UCT - University of Cape Town
I think this university has the most incredible setting.
It takes my breath away daily and I get to look at it every single day.
Bringing our girls up in this part of Cape Town right under that incredible mountain and the university has instilled the notion that they are without a doubt going to university.  I know that sounds strange, as for most people that's a default setting.  But for many of us, it isn't.  Both Digz and I don't have tertiary education, we were brought up with the notion that it wasn't mandatory or an option.  So seeing my girls dreaming of this, to us is just such a beautiful gift.  I love how both of my girls are hungry for knowledge.  Wow - who knew.

We spent the whole day here on Saturday, finding out what our requirements are for intake as we are about to embark on this journey in the next year.  At least now we know what is expected of us for this year and for next.  It's pretty damn exciting.

Sometimes, I still dream of getting to go to university and maybe, just maybe that will one day become my reality.