Thursday, 2 April 2015

Autumn Break - schools out and first days at home bliss.

The first day of holidays and I started my day off in the dentist chair [ouch] and then I had to pop in at the office but Dig and the girls got to relax at home, which started with an early morning ride for Dig, Corks and their riding buddies to see the sunrise.

Beautiful way to start the day and the holidays

Early morning shenanigans!  Love it and these two to bits.

Homemade Pizza!!!
And a mighty chilled day of movies, cooking and relaxing together.
Just what the doctor ordered.
I got home early enough to enjoy the rest of the day with my beautifuls.
Easter is a special time for us in terms of family connection time.
We are all amped for this long weekend and slow downtime.

On Friday after sorting out my studio and packaging gifts for friends.
I headed into my new studio space to work when the girls joined me and sat reading to me and to each other.  My new Studio has become the heart of our home.  If I'm in there - so is everyone else.
The other thing that has started happening is that Corks has started coming into my studio to create with me.  Last week while I was finishing big pieces, she was finishing a massive prac piece of her own, for school.  I'm not complaining - I love it!!!!
I'm going to have to get a bigger space soon.


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