Saturday, 4 April 2015

#InMyStudio... #ArtEntwined... at last!

So when I was browsing Instagram the other night - I stumbled upon Anne's Oswaldo Guayasamin's inspired piece, with these incredibly remarkable hands.  I literally gasped out loud.
Camilla was also doing some pieces the other day with incredible Schiele hands from week 1.
I was equally blown away by both.  Hands continue to be a journey for me.  One that hasn't been easy.  Sometimes having victory and others, seriously NOT.

After my Saturday nap and taking in a movie with Kitty, I headed to my studio.  Corks wanted to do so art with me.  So we both made our way there.  I headed to do some research on Oswaldo and Schiele.  And I was blown away.  It felt like I had found exactly what I had been looking for in hands.   Especially such emotive ones.  I immediately messaged Anne and we had some backwards and forward chats about it.  I felt like something had changed inside of me, deep inside... like I knew one thing for certain... that I will never be the same again.  I grabbed some paper and canvas and started drawing and then painting.  They came quickly and fast, like it had always been inside of me... and the timing was just right.

What I didn't realise is that Misty introduced Oswaldo in week 5 (cos I'm still in week 1).  I thought Anne and Lucy discovered him as an offshoot from Schiele and Klimt both from week 1.  Funny enough Schiele and Oswaldo were both linked to Klimt in real life, so this didn't sound that far off.  I had unwittingly jumped ahead.  But I'm so stoked that I've finally started and shared something from class.  And I was pretty excited about that.

I still can't stop drawing these remarkable emotive hands... I think these strange shaped hands will help me find my way with mine.  I don't want to do realistic hands.  I love that both these Master's hands are so off beat.

I have the day to myself tomorrow - so I plan to map out my homework and get cracking.
I feel like I've broken my fear block and procrastination.  I'm finally ready.

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