Sunday, 19 April 2015

#InMyStudio - Playing with Clay...

I've been dying to play with PaperClay for ages now.  And because I don't have much space and capacity - paperclay is the beautiful medium for someone like me.  Because it air dries and I don't need to fire up anything for what I want to do.  Which really is just creatively play....

I pulled out my tutorial books of Misty Mawn, Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise.  I plan to work here quite a bit the next while. These beautiful books definetely help, together with some online courses I've taken.  Just so incredible to dabble with new mediums.  I know I want to use this medium more.  It's incredibly therapeutic and completely satisfying to walk away with an item....

I made my very first armature ever.  I had to keep shortening the body because it was too long.  I learnt a lot just in that process alone.

Applying the PaperClay - such a joy!

Ahhh man - he's so cute!  I love this pic of him in my hand cos you can see the size better. 

Sweet one

A crown to finish him off.

Next session I would like to play with plaster bandages and see if I can create something similar.  Two completely different mediums.  Can't wait to play some more.


  1. Oh this is so lovely....I need to try this...xx

    1. I highly recommend this - it's a beautiful place to get lost and discover new things. Have fun!!!!