Saturday, 25 July 2015

An exciting journey...

So we had to wait to get last week behind us... before we could move forward with Corks...

While she was doing the Knysna Cross Country Marathon Mountain bike race, a talent scout spotted her and believed she had something special on the bike.  After much discussion - it became apparent - Corks needed a coach.
And it did pose the question - do we take the next step?

She is definitely showing potential and signs of being a fabulous young rider.  And she's at a perfect age.  It has taken us quickly down the road to finding someone to help us, help her.  As we don't really know the dos and don'ts of how to train a young lady.  After much research and talking to a few top SA women cyclists - we have found her a lovely coach who will train her for the next few months, with technical riding skills, bike technics and obviously a fitness regime, incorporating her trail running and school schedule.  Her program has officially started this week.  Together as a family, we are so excited for her.  And more so, so is she... 

Exciting times.


  1. Super exciting! Congratulations Corks! xxx

  2. Thank you my friend. <3 She's having so much fun!