Friday, 17 July 2015


Yip, I had them... a bit of the post holiday blues.

 Can I just say how excellent our time was and how so very needed it was.  I don't think we realised just how much... It came at the exact right moment in time!!  Each new day was better than the last...
And for that I'm grateful!

The re-entry this week really wasn't too bad... 
With the girls still being on leave this week, made it soft landing.
Life as we know it will return on Monday but I am feeling encouraged because we are rested.

We both headed straight back to work and we had a few appointments.
But we slipped in some last minute holiday moments too... some afternoon naps {for me}... allowing myself to do that - bliss.  The girls, still reading.  Lots of sitting around the fire place.  Kitty had some classmates over.  After one of our appointments in the city... we shared a special evening together in town.  We all love the city a lot.  It was wonderful and today the girls and I popped back into the city for an appointment and some exploring.

We popped into the camera shop to dream - always a treat.

Wow she is beautiful and clever and artistic... 
I didn't ever think I would look at another camera, especially after my iPhone 6+ but hmmm she peeked my interest.  Not for now but always nice to find something delightful.

We accidentally found a beautiful art deco shop called ANOUK - what a treasure.
I love that the girls enjoy this kind of thing as much as I do.

Had a beautiful end of holiday lunch in the sweetest "Winkel" {shop} in town...
which might very well become a new fav spot for us...

I managed to finish my painting from holiday and work on others in between conquering mountains of washing and ironing.  So all in all this week was gentler than I was expecting.  This weekend will be kind and precious too before school starts up again next Monday.  We have a vicious cold front moving in... so I'm thinking much time around the fire place... some still reading, knitting, painting and watching the last of the Tour de France for the man.
She changed much but I'm happy <3
Happy weekend!

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