Friday, 3 July 2015


After our adventures of roadtripping... I crawled into bed, quite exhausted.  But I knew I still had to do my #1FaceaDay.

Corks was sitting in front of me and she said "draw me, mommy" and at first, I completely resisted.  It's something I've never done before.  But she pushed me.  So I said "okay".  But no judging was allowed...  I have to say I sooooo enjoyed it.  I am not sure there is a likeness and lots of it is still intuitive but I loved looking at aspects of her beautiful face and trying to capture them.  I loved the tweaking and the lighting... of course I love this piece so much.  I love that it pushed me out of my comfort zones.  And I love that we got to create together.  There is something quite beautiful having someone sit in front of you, quietly and looking into each others faces.  It felt sacred.

When I was done, she then sat and drew me.   Which was quite impressively done - she's much more free and braver than me.  I admire that about her.

We have agreed to do this everyday these holidays.  Hmmm maybe by the end of it - I will present one that actually looks like her... I'm rather excited by this little holiday project.

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