Friday, 3 July 2015


Sometimes the best part of a holiday, is the road tripping part.
It holds the excitement, the views, the expectations and the hope of adventures.
Our holiday literally starts as we walk out the door.

As we head out and pray for travel mercies and safe arrivals.... we settle into music, books, chit-chatter, news and stories.  Oh, did I mention lots of laughing and teasing.  There is always a mandatory breakfast and coffee stop and this time we stopped at Peregrines, in Wine to Whales territory.  The breakfast to date, was one of the best we have ever experienced.
A great way to start any holiday....

what is your ORIGIN?
car shenangians 

canola country...
On the way home, we are going to jump that fence and have a tiny mini photoshoot in those yellow blossoms.
Too beautiful for words...

It was a smooth trip... we stopped over in Knysna to register for Digz and Corks mountain bike race.  And we arrived at our cabin in the woods in good spirits.  We unpacked and headed out to get some supplies.  We got the fire going and hunkered down.  It's cold for sure.  There is no signal in our little wooden cabin.  It will take us a day or so to decompress from technology but I know it will be good for us.  The quiet and slowness will creep into our bones and maybe, just maybe, the "Outeniqua Rust" will too.

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