Sunday, 5 July 2015


After the race we woke up on Sunday ready for adventures.
After a great home cooked holiday breakfast - we headed into town for our mandatory "holiday jewellery" shop.  It's a holiday tradition - we aren't on holiday until we have our bracelets on.  We did a few other bits and bobs and then we headed down to LookOutBeach.

Can you see the "Outeniqua Rust" settling in...
After much chatting, photo taking, reading and goofing around - we headed down to the beach...

I love going away in winter.
Especially here - it carries it's own beauty... and today - outstanding.

Sacred keepsakes.
I won't forget this day for a long time.
We had a truly outstanding time on the rocks.

Best day ever...

 These two... the best!

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