Thursday, 2 July 2015

Busy week before we headed out...

This sweet girl had to job shadow this week for a school assignment.
I asked at my office if she could job shadow our Creative Researcher, who has a Fine Arts Degree, specializing in photography.  Right up her alley.  Corks landed herself on a our production set for two days this week and got to help out and job shadow on a Music Video of one of our local Rap Artists.  Hence this pic of her with attitude.  She's so cute... I love this pic of her... that and because she doesn't have an ounce of attitude in her (you know, the bad kind).  It was a great experience for her to see how much work happens behind the scenes.
Not all glamorous, that is for sure!!

When we get back after the holidays she does another day job shadowing our Creative Researcher's hubby who will be doing a picture editorial.  Pretty exciting stuff!

As for this sweet girl... we got to send her picture in to some casting agents this week, with the help of a beautiful producer friend of mine.  Being in the film industry... and exposing my girls to this wasn't something I was always keen for.  It's a tough industry.  But I guess it's not about me and it is about her own journey and I will be walking closely beside her.  Kitty's creative side is more in drama and words - that's her paintbrush.  And I have to support her in that too.  When we get back from holiday - we will see what unfolds naturally!

As for us two, we had to keep ourselves busy while Corks was on set.  Never a difficult thing to do. 
 We had a coffee date, picked up last minute things, baked bread,   cleaned linen and packed for our trip.
Oh yes.... and Kitty read, a lot.  Holiday is in the air and the excitement...  it's tangible.

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