Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Stolen moments of rest...

On the Monday we woke early and headed back to a little place just outside George called "Klein Brak" {Little River} to meet my parents at my Aunt's spot.  I was thrilled to see my family and folks, a delightful little surprise slipped into this trip.

For some or other reason, I couldn't sleep-in on this trip.
At 6.17am like clockwork, every morning, I woke... who knows why?
But we kept it slow and read in bed together.
Some mornings we headed out to find brekkie others, we lit the fire and snuggled around.
Whatever it was, each moment felt deep and sacred.

As for these two... keeping themselves busy as we found places to kick back in...
While Digz and I chatted or caught up with connection.
This spot was one of my favs... right opposite the beach.
 Corks managed to squeeze in some pen work.  She never stops amazing me.
She is truly gifted.

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