Thursday, 9 July 2015

#InMyStudio... in the woods....

before my paints were unpacked - I got to play with pencil with Corks sitting as my live model.
Still something I want to practice more.

This day was so beautiful... it was warm and calm out.
And sitting out here until it got dark was priceless...
we got to create while the other two got to fish on the rocks...
this time, they didn't catch anything.

I love new draw ups.

The Memory Keeper...
The door to her memories.
I had so much fun with this piece.
Quirky hands, big hair and lots and lots of beads.
I'm loving beadwork at the moment.

Starting with a continuous line drawing and ended here.

I found some bark during our walk...
Recently, I had seen some others painting on it.
It was a wonderful surface to work on - sometimes it's fun to try new things.

All these pieces have a synergy and it felt like a bit of a series,
without meaning it to be... either way - I was having fun!
I'm thrilled I got some down time for creative play!
And I get to go home with some pieces.

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