Saturday, 11 July 2015

Outeniqua Rust has definitely crept in...

Final breakfast on the beautiful deck...
After which we lit the fire, read, packed and relaxed all day.
We are so relaxed I'm not sure how we will ever get back into gear to leave in the morning.

Final trip down to the beach... again the lighting and atmosphere was breathtaking.
We sat at LookOut contemplating going down but really we could have sat well into the night.
But I wanted to walk and take last minute shots.

We literally had the beach to ourselves.
I could stand and watch the sea for days... I can't believe the beautiful days we had.
Peaceful, a little moody like that atmosphere... esp about going home.
My heart wasn't ready because having time - that precious beautiful thing - felt deep and connected.

And every now and again when you find it and get to taste it...
 You don't easily want to let that go.

What I do know... was that I was reminded about {us}!
The importance of taking time.  The value of it.  The necessity of it.
As the girls are getting older - we know things are changing...
Time isn't on our side and it is never our friend... 
and yes each new moment is exciting and beautiful,
but it is forever moving forward and it comes at a high price.

Why we keep coming back, to holiday at the same place time after time?

To me, in this place time seems to momentarily stand still.
We get to make memories each time we come here and each time, it feels deeper than the last.
My deepest hope is that it's these moments of togetherness, the girls will forever cherish, love and hold dear and one day continue these precious traditions with their families.

The importance of stealing back time... 
to be slow.  to be close.  to think.  to get perspective.  to talk. to remember.  to dream.
but most of all... to love.

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