Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Beautiful Gifts from a far....

Can you believe a beautiful friend from a far, sent me this incredibly generous gift?
A handcrafted crochet dress from Chile.  Constanza was selling it in her Etsy shop and I mentioned how much I loved it but felt afraid to buy it because I wasn't sure of the size.
I had ordered a beautiful handcrafted pinnie from her shop in the meantime, while I contemplated the dress.  Shortly thereafter, I got a message from Constanza, to tell me that she's sent me the dress as a gift.  I'm always so blown away by the level of kindness and community that I've found in and with my online art buddies.  The sharing of knowledge, gifts, art and kindness has at times taken my breath away!  I love that we share this together.  Always playing it forward!  It's called me to exercise generosity and kindness constantly too - which is so important to me!  Rallying around each other with care, compassion and generosity!!  I see it acted out daily!  And once again, I'm blown away!!

I have to tell you - it's a perfect fit!  It is so beautifully handcrafted that I've hung it up in my room so I can see it everyday!  Little reminders of kindness acted out!

As for my gorgeous little pinnie - it finally arrived and it's stunning!!!  I have been carrying it with me everywhere - I am sentimental like that!  Today, it's #InMyStudio - where I get to glance up at it every now and again...  Inspiration for my next needlework project!  Thank you Constanza - I hope to be collecting more of these sweet pieces.

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