Saturday, 31 May 2014

#InMyStudio - Finishing my SunFlowr Angel Faces

I have been housebound with the girls studying for exams - which is wonderful especially with winter in full swing!  The fire has been going and I've decided the only way to have real growth to reach those deep places, is to actual have time in the zone!!!  So in between the wash cycles and duties, I've had my paintbrush in hand.
Before I start a new piece, I really want to finish my Sunflowr Angel piece - it's so big that it's completely overwhelming every time I go back there and with the long gaps in between each session, isn't helping.  I have to face myself and finish this otherwise I may never finish this canvas.  {On that note, I've had this canvas for about 4 years - this is my 3rd attempted painting on it but I've never been able to finish it, I do believe because of the size... so I'm pretty determined to finish this one}.

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