Saturday, 3 May 2014

#InMyStudio - Bits and Bobs

Not sure if you remember my little SelfContained Book - a self Exploratory journaling assignment.
I have all the prompts ready and this weekend I started working in it and started filling the pages with images and stories.  I'm quite excited about it.  I'm not a huge fan of working in journals but I think I'm going to love this little book.  I worked with pencil and my stabilo pencils and I had forgotten how much I love pencil work. Plan to fill more pages with pencil sketches.

One of my favourite weeks from FullCircleWorkshop was the week when Misty did Icon Paintings.
I totally loved the icon I did previously and the embellishments that we made etc.
She did 3 or 4 lessons on Icon's that week - and this is my second attempt.

I've called this "With Grace in her Heart"

 I had a frame that I had planned to use around this image but it was to big and chunky and the image was a bit lost - so I decided to use the lace instead and it was the perfect finish to this graceful lady!
Again - I absolutely loved this lesson so much!
Not sure if you can see on this image but I wrote again up the side - it says "By Grace Alone"
It's a huge step for me.
Once my canvas board was finished - I mounted it onto a dark wooden frame I had!
It finished it off perfectly - a total 3D Mixed Media piece!

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