Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sown with Love... for Beautiful Lorraine

Beautiful Lorraine - Pic from Lorraine's blog.
I was invited to participate in a small group called "Sown with Love".
It was a group that came together to sew a patch or two of quilting for our dear sweet friend, Lorraine.  As a gift of love for her.  She's just found our her cancer has returned after 3 years!  I know we are all reeling and totally devastated by this news.  It has currently been consuming my thoughts, my heart and prayers.  I'm totally heart broken at how unfair life can be.  Seeing this incredible online artist community rally around her and support her, love her and walk along side her, has been truly remarkable to watch.
And I know this is a great source of comfort for her and I have to say for me too - I'm so far away and there isn't much I can do from here but knowing she's so supported helps!

I had the honor of meeting this beautiful lady in Italy in 2012 and we have stayed connected online.  I wish I could say I had more.  But I'm counting down the days till I see her again... (120 days to be exact).   Occasionally you come across beautiful people who touch something deep inside of you!  Well that's how I felt about Lorraine, Ted and Maddy, when I met them all in Italy!  They were connected!  Deeply connected, in a way that you were blessed by encountering it.  To see other genuine family connection like this - is rare.  I love meeting beautiful, precious people, whose actions speak of love!

Pic courtesy of Judy Wise - Check out -Anything for a Friend - for Lorraine
Being part of this beautiful group and gift, for this beautiful soul, was truly an honor for me.  And I can't tell you how grateful I am to be included!  For no other reason, than when I heard the news - I just wanted to do something!  Something to help, something positive, something beautiful, something for Lorraine.  The mom in me, just wanted to do something that would fix it!  If only it were that simple!

The ladies who were involved are some incredibly gifted and seasoned quilters and artists from the US...  Renee Plains, Jackie Cate, Jenny Wentworth, Misty Mawn, Stephanie Lee, Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise.  I was lucky to have Jackie help me through some quilting and stitching questions I had, Renee made a beautiful label with all our names on it and Judy collected and assembled this beautiful quilt for all of us.

Again and again, I'm blown away by the generosity, community and love!  And I'm totally blown away how this quilt worked out... too beautiful!  This has inspired me to make more squares and maybe one day I will have enough for quilts for my girls!  What a beautiful gift and message of love.

I don't think there is a single day that passes that Lorraine isn't in my heart and mind!!!!
If you are reading this - please can you support us all by keeping her in your heart and prayers too.  I'm truly trusting and believing for a miracle!

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