Thursday, 29 May 2014

#InMyStudio - trying to dig a little deeper

Do you ever just feel like you are not growing, even though you probably are - but it doesn't stop how you are feeling about your abilities.  That's how I've been feeling.  When I look back over May, I made a conscience effort to be available and present #InMyStudio and now looking back, I realized I actually did quite a lot of art and a variety of different things too... from drawing, hand stitching, sculpture and painting!  So why am I feeling so frustrated.  I guess I just want to dig deeper with the quality of my work - but I also know that will really only come with hours in front of my easel.  Allowing myself enough hours to get to the good stuff.  To be, to creatively play, write and practice, practice, practice.

So here's some of what I've been doing...

 I've been thinking about this piece, all day - I originally didn't want to focus too much on the image because the assignment was actually about the background. But today I realize I was ready to build on the faces.

I'm absolutely in love with this transformation!
Because I had been thinking about this all day, when I got home, I was just so ready to paint it!  I love how the angle of the girl on the right's head changed completely.  Not sure if you remember, I called this piece EternalSisters because it's what my daughters call each other and it's just so lovely!  This piece is going to be part of an auction to raise funds for beautiful Lorraine!

I'm so nervous and excited about this!

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