Sunday, 11 May 2014

News flashes...

Mother's Day - it's never a big affair in our house! That being said we kind of celebrate it for the sake of the girls - it's precious to them.  I love that they want to spoil with extra loves and care - I love that it reveals more about their hearts than it does about Mother's Day.

Being a Mother has been my greatest accomplishment to date!  I love being a Meme, a Momma and a Mama from the moment they put those precious girls in my arms.  Having my girls has given me a deep sense of purpose, hope and understanding!!  They are truly part of my soul.

My beautiful Corksy had a steady flow of soya lattes coming at me through the day with my Lindt dark chocolates (that I shared ;-)) and she took us on a route in our beautiful forest too!

My baby girl bought me this Reindeer for Mother's Day - it's a real glimpse into who she is - I love that she isn't conventional - because neither am I.  She just gets me!  And that Reindeer just looks like she's always belonged with me #InMyStudio - super stoked with my awesome people!

Making time to be creative - is so important to me.
It's my aim to be creative everyday... from blogging, drawing, photography, writing, painting, stitch work, sculpturing - so that creativity is my way of life - as opposed to something I do on the sides.
And May has been beautifully creative, so far which totally = happy heart for me!!

Improving and growing is always my heart - so to me time #InMyStudio is key!

We are in for a busy time - we have exams coming up, a 50th birthday celebration, school camps and have a trail running long weekend away coming up later in June.
My girls and I have also registered for our local ParkRun and we will be starting that soon too. 
We are also fully into winter now... the days have been okay and pretty manageable but the mornings and evenings are rather cold in our old house!  But so far, I'm managing.
Feels like we are finally settling into this year.  It was a rough start!

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