Monday, 12 May 2014

#InMyStudio - "Dreaming of Orvieto"... gets a make over

Well, I thought I had reworked all the pieces I owned and that I had nothing left to "fix".
This piece has been up #InMyStudio since I got back from Italy and I guess altering it, just hadn't come up.
But this weekend - I took it down to put up my beautiful new Reindeer head that I got for Mothers Day.
So I thought... "what the hell"...  Everything I am doing at the moment, is about practice!

At first Kitty was literally having heart failure that I was going to alter this...
But she eventually came around!  As for me... I'm completely blown away!!!
To me it doesn't even look like the same painting.

I originally did this piece in OilPaints - it was before I had learnt how to use Acrylics,
so my makeover would have to be in oils too... mentally - going there can be a challenge in itself.
Don't get me wrong, I love oils!!!  It's just a gearshift sometimes.

I was seriously trying not to freak out, esp at this middle stage.
My oils are getting old and a bit stogy.  I need to update some of them.
I was working with it thickly and it was messy and I was covered in OilPaints.
But I sat for about 5 hours straight and it was truly amazing when she started to appear.
(Funny, my girls always say to me - "Mommy, don't panic - she will come to you!")
And it felt so true with this piece.

What these two pieces look like together - what a transformation.
The soft naples yellow background just works so much better - it terms of a softer dreamier feel
and probably more in line with Italy!  And I'm loving the softer lines.
Totally stoked with this new/old piece.


  1. I love where your work is going ..... the softness and painterly direction is WONDERFUL!

    1. Thank you so much my friend - I'm finding it easier to be a bit looser with the Oils. I'm so glad we had a bit of chat last night! Miss you stax <3

  2. What a remarkable make over. Just love it. Love that you are re-painting your pieces. I´ve now come to that place too I think. So so need to redo them all! Have you tried Oil Sticks? I totally love them. Youll see when you get o Gillians workshop

    1. I have only used white and black ones a little - but I'm looking so forward to it!!! You seem so happy!

  3. Wow! What an anazing background with all those buildings. And those colors you always use, so so pretty.

    1. Thank you - it's Orvieto in the background. It's mixed media. <3