Friday, 30 May 2014

#InMyStudio... getting my head straight when a painting kicks you in the butt

I have been avoiding my studio a little this past while - I've been a little frustrated with where I'm at.  What is stumping me is how to apply the wonderful lessons I've been learning in class to be wholly part of me.  Where it's coming from the inside of me, out as opposed to walking through tutorials and doing pieces verbatim.  How do I climb out of the safe lines and get out of the box, I often place myself in.  To keep pushing myself to deeper places and keep pushing myself to grow.  At times I still feel like my art portrays that good little girl always abiding.  I'm desperate to have enough time to find myself get lost in the creative and see what comes out.

I don't want this to be a life long struggle for me... 

 So this is where I left off yesterday - I am feeling much better about this piece.
I'm not sure why exactly this piece was such a struggle - but my lines were off, I struggled for creative ideas.  Where I started was so disappointing - I was feeling hopeless of ever finding my way.  This piece has given me a hard time and I'm not sure it's finished yet.
If nothing else this piece has made me question a few things.  To look deeper inside myself and its definitely challenging me to push back against myself.  To challenge my fears and face them, head on.  And I guess that's never a bad thing.  Let the journey continue - no matter how uncomfortable!

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