Friday, 20 March 2015

A week in the life of....

our piece of heaven on this earth!
This week we took some very positive steps to book time away... for the year.
Exceptionally long overdue.  We are into the 3rd year of no family holidays.   And we are feeling the strain of that.  So we booked some winter time and our Christmas holiday.  And knowing we have these moments to look forward to, has literally made my heart leap right out of my chest.  We booked in our usual special place because to us it's where we switch off, deeply connect and always make the most precious, beautiful memories together.

To me, it's one of the most creatively visually beautiful places on earth to restore your soul...
and without fail, each time it has.  When we go in winter now... it will rain most of the time and I plan much time wrapped up outside there and around the fireplace.... reading, chatting and resting.

It will also be our last Christmas holidays with Corks still in school... 
Right - that's pretty darn scary to me today.
Sending paintings home = happiness

Yep - life with a Teen!
We have a family group chat called the "The Total Fruit Cakes" and our family picture is The Simpsons... need I say more.
This convo went down this week when I found Corks dirty bowl on the sink.  I love that we have these crazy chats through the day.
I love my Total Fruit Cakes to bits.
Are we the only family that's this weird?
{ps... I didn't really put it under her pillow - but she got the message!}

how cute would this look framed up

It's my last plaster sheet from Beautiful Lorraine - I'm going to have to make more.
I'm so grateful for her little book that she handmade for us in Italy and that I've managed to fill mine with my #1FaceaDay images.  I was thinking about Italy and our time with beautiful people a lot this week and how our lives have all touched each other, some deeper than others... but I'm #SoGrateful for the friendships I found there and have continued.  It's been such a blessing to me.  It's a reminder to me that nothing happens by chance and nothing is for nothing.

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