Wednesday, 18 March 2015

#InMyStudio... tiny tiny tiny..

Just so you can see how tiny it is...

I had 30 minutes before work the other morning and I was keen to regroup after the morning and school rush and I was feeling a little sad and pensive... I have much on my mind.  Art really does settle my heart.  It's my best way to start my day... with a brush in my hand!   I just wish I got to stay... all day, in my happy place.

I painted so big this weekend that I just wanted to bring it back in because painting small definitely helps me be more expressive and it's like it reminds my mind how to do it... I seem to loose the ability the bigger I go.  So I did this little clothing tag quickly and I just lay color after color next to each other - absolutely no blending.  It was wonderful.  It was the smallest I had ever painted.
I shared it on FB before I went to work...

My friend Mark, from the UK suggest that I try go even smaller and paint on a postage stamp.
And myself, Mark and Lyn Tivenan got into a chat on FB about doing it.
I thought about it all day long - so when I got home, I dug out my stamp collection and I tried it.
I wanted to see if it was possible.  Oh my word - it WAS!
Omgoodness - it made me laugh out loud!  I think I might have shocked myself!
And it was delightfully fun!!   I had to use my glasses (don't laugh).

I had already prepped a TeaBag.
You can see I did all these on the same day!

Before bed... I couldn't resist doing another little stamp!
So lovely to play this way!
I think I might have started something!
look at all these awesome mini canvas'

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