Monday, 9 March 2015

#InMyStudio... #1FaceaDay

For the first time in ages - I am running current with #1FaceaDay... sometimes life is such that I miss days #InMyStudio and then I'm constantly play catch up.  It's not nice always being on the rear foot and feeling the pressure of being behind.

Today finally allowed me to start ArtEntwined too.  Before I ran out the door today, I grabbed my new note book that Gilly gave me and while I was waiting for Corks... I got to start with my Elements of Design and Principals of Art.  It's art theory and I'm already learning and enjoying!

I'm going to keep my notebook with me wherever I go.  I'm jotting down the homework lists and will work through them as I go... part of that is allowing myself to see the homework and really mull over it.  Especially the written work... poems and assignments.  It's like they have to take root in my mind first.   For the first time in ages I'm feeling really excited about learning and getting through new material.  Can't wait to dig in and deeper... 

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