Sunday, 8 March 2015

My week in bed, creativity and my week in color pics...

So on Monday, after a horrible weekend in and out of bed with fever - I went to see the doctor and got some antibiotics.  I'm so glad I did...  my ears, nose and throat were an issue and my lungs were rattling and in a nutshell I was feeling bleak.  I had Monday off - tried to go to work on Tuesday and that set me back and I spent Wednesday back in bed.  All in all it was 2 weeks of bleakness and I am not a fan of bleakness or being man down.  But that being said - I was so grateful for the bed time.  All in all - I didn't have much capacity for StudioTime so I did one or two things here and there.  And generally played catch up this weekend.

I think I could get addicted to continuous line drawing.
Funny enough Corks is doing this as her art theme together with portraiture, for this last part of this term.  So we are working through some of her assignments at the same time.  I said I would try and do whatever assignments she gets.  And funny enough that is totally in line with Misty's Art Entwined - week 1 - Elements of Design - LINE.
I have added this to one on the right to my #1FaceaDay... the one on the left became this graphite drawing with gesso below.

Corks hasn't really seen continuous line drawings and I have some friends on IG that do it so we sat last night working through the concept and doing some exercises and research together.  I love that we have this.

Some of my pieces from this week for #1FaceaDay

I drew this up last year on FullCircleWorkshop - Icon Homework
It was nice to play a little with this piece - just a sweet little piece.
I found beautiful new paint colors the other day from The Italian Art Shop and we have been playing non-stop together.

How awesome are these two...
First CapeTownCycleTour for Corks - FatherDaughterMoments!
Just felt so sad for her that the distance was cut short (47kms instead of 109kms) because of all the fire damage along the route - she was good for the distance.  But such is life and she embraced it!  She was the 15th Junior Woman (Age 16-23years) home overall.  That's pretty impressive considering the crowds and her lousy start group.
I'm seriously so proud of this young gal!  She's awesome!
I kind of like her!  A lot!

While the other two were at the Cycle Expo and race - my Kitty Girl and I stole moments together all weekend.  Relaxing, feet up and catching sun rays... also studying and lots of homework while I worked #InMyStudio too.
Beautiful gentle recovery weekend!  #SoGrateful

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