Friday, 13 March 2015

"I will always hold you close, my dear one" - goes home!

"I will always hold you close, my dear one"
This tender painting... I did is part of my #1FaceaDay challenge. 
You know how close this theme is too my heart!  The beauty of a Mother's Love.

I haven't shared my work on Facebook for March - not for a specific reason.
  I think I'm just enjoying Instagram so much more at the moment that sometimes I forget about Facebook and other media's.  But I shared this one last night before I went to bed.
I woke to such sweet messages to this piece and two offers to buy it.
That totally made my Friday!  And I love Fridays!
Thank you!

This piece is going to a beautiful lady.
I met her in our virtual classroom, in Studying under the Masters 1,
and I was privileged to hear her story and be touched by it.
The best part of selling this piece to her, is her own personal story and the reason for buying this specific piece.  Nothing gives me greater joy than the reason why a person chooses one of my pieces... esp. because it's touched something deep inside of them.

That's enough to keep me painting, right there.

I haven't sold a piece since Christmas.
I am not bound by my sales and I don't paint to sell.
I paint for the love and joy of it and my journey through each piece.
Each time I get lucky enough to sell a piece - I'm literally blown away.
And this morning this was no exception.
Thank you!!!

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