Monday, 30 March 2015

Weekend news...

It was such a treat to meet up with Mel, my once regular running buddy.
It was long overdue.

Mel has kept running through my almost 2 year break.
I made the decision a while back to hang up my shoes.
However, I do tend to run a bit in the holidays when I have more time...
but let's hope I'm getting my running mojo back and maybe, just maybe I may stick it out.  Trail definitely helps.  So grateful for my runs and training last week.

New canvas, plaster bandages and more Italian paints
Now that I'm finishing pieces, I'm running out of big canvas'
So it was good to get some spoils... I can't wait to play with my plaster bandages.
To make textured sheets to paint on.  Also to sculpture with it. 
Took me ages to find plaster bandages.

While Kitty and I were picking up art supplies - Corks and Digz were picking up Corks new mountain bike.  Lucky lucky girl!
She's having the time of her life at the moment with her riding and running.
I love that my girls are sporty!
Dig took the girls out riding this weekend.   I totally love their #FatherDaughtMoments.
After their morning ride - we had some special friends over for a late Sunday lunch!
We don't entertain that much but we really had such a beautiful time.  So grateful!

A little #evolutionofapainting or rather a icon.

I started this piece when I got back from Italy, literally 6 months ago now.
It was part of our icon homework.
I started with great gusto and I kind of loved it where it was and got a bit of stage fright.
I was nervous I would ruin it.   So she got buried under a pile of unfinished pieces.
I continued to do 2 other Madonnas around the same time.
(The Secret Keeper and The Wisdom Seeker)
Who are currently living together...

So in the spirit of finishing pieces... this sweet piece finally got finished.
And she was my last unfinished piece... you know what this means, right!
I'm finally free to move forward... And I have to say - I am thrilled and excited.
(Hence all the new art supplies)
"Extending an Olive Branch" - 18"x24"
I absolutely love where she ended... as you can see from my original startings of this piece...
red wasn't an option but I love the red here - it really was such a joy to do.
Sometimes, I get so cross at myself that I allow fear to steal from me.
Yet I do also understand that timing is everything.
And I do also believe everything happens when the heart and mind is ready.

She's off to join and live with her two other sisters... 
her first sister held Wisdom, her second sister held Secrets and as for this sweet girl
- she holds Forgiveness.

I love that they will be reunited.

Once again, thank you!  I am so grateful that these gentle souls are with you!
It means so much to me.

Putting together special packages - literally makes my heart sing.
I am so grateful and so exceptionally happy!

All I can say is... thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Some of my March #1FaceADay pieces - have I told you how much I'm loving this project.
Well I'm really loving it and trying different, crazy, fun things.
It's kept me coming back for more.  And it's kept me present.
So we are almost through our 3rd month and that's pretty impressive.

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