Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Dancing #InMyStudio tonight...

Little Women in the FlowrBeds - 60"x36" Stretched Canvas
 We are finally finished and she's up in my little online shop.
I'm beyond excited.  Wow - what an incredible journey!
I finished 3 BIG pieces today.
I've been waking up early before work and going to bed late to do those finishing details,
which can take as much commitment as the whole piece itself.
But it's been so worth it!!!

"And I will embrace you with my whole heart" on  40"x30" Stretched Canvas
Those beads were my final step and wow - what a job.
But I do love them so!!!!


  1. stunning pieces my friend! well done for finishing, it can be a real challenge hey! loving all the details! you are amazing!!!

    1. thank you beautiful friend. Feeling so thrilled!