Friday, 6 March 2015

The Mountain Raged while the City Unites

Powerful images from the past week from the fire that raged through the Mountain region of the Cape Southern Peninsula.

I wish I could give photo credits but I can't tell you who took some of these images because images have been have been flying around The Cape all week.

I have lots of friends on that side of the mountain and it was an edgy week.  That together with the fact that this area is our usual playground for trail running and mountain biking - most of which was consumed.  It just felt to devastating and a little out of control and at times I felt real fear.

The fire raged for over a week and the firefighters worked around the clock.
The local community rallied together to fight together with the firefighters and to stand together in their hour of need.  In fact, the whole of Cape Town pulled together to raise funds, deliver food parcels, medical supplies and water.

Pretty remarkable stuff to see the unity.

Finding beauty in the ashes...

Just when we received news that the fires were finally under control on Thursday morning... I received a call from my daughter to say the office building next door to their school was on fire.  Their gennie caught fire and the roof and the third floor collapsed.
Their school was closed and they spent the day on the school fields having fun activities while waiting for the smoke to subside and the drama to settle.   Seriously!!!!

Some of the devastation of vegetation and our beautiful National park.
And our beautiful running and riding routes.

I have to say we have ended the week all a little pooped from sitting on the edge of our seats.  Feeling a little out of control and a tad bit freaked out... looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.

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