Sunday, 8 March 2015

#InMyStudio - MotherDaughterLove

Sooo I am not sure if you remember this piece.  I did it last year sometime, mainly in stabilo and gesso and it was pretty special to me at the time and it's been up in my room because it totally represented me with my girls... #MotherDaughterLove.

I've been looking at it for sometime and I knew I wanted to rework it... add some color.  And I started my time #InMyStudio this weekend with this piece.  I find it's a great way for me to warm up before I start new projects... especially if I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.  It's a perfect place to start because the canvas isn't blank and it's like working with an under painting and that is always less intimidating...

Ahhh man that was so lovely to do... fun!
That totally made my day... a great way to start my studio time.
This piece is actually quite small and those faces are tiny and at times it was down to a tiny brush and virtually putting down dots of color... wonderful tiny detail work.

I'm still so attached to this piece... and I just love the sweet tenderness between them.
It's back up in my room.

I think I am so attached to this piece because it's often the position I find myself in... always flanked by my two beautiful daughters - it's such a privilege to have them walk along side me daily, wherever I go... always by my side usually still holding my hands or arms wrapped around me.  It's something I value and adore.
I pray this lingers longer in my life!

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