Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Italy...

Sooo I've been taking a slow meander through my memories of my trip to Italy last September and October.

I have taken my time to blog about it and in hindsight I am so pleased I did.  Recapping after almost 6 months has been truly wonderful and it also allowed time to pass and really see the impact Italy had on me this time around.

All I can say is I'm totally blown away realising how profound this time has been on me since.

And how grateful I am for the memories, the treasures I came home with and the photos...

So blown away.

Please feel free to meander down my memory lane too.

FlowrsinItaly - Take 2 2014

How awesome is the picture with the clock tower in the background.


  1. she works her way into your heart, into your being, and never leaves. italy is magical that way

  2. ooooh how i love meandering such beautiful memories, thank you for sharing, it's a delight to go back and remember! xxx