Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday Creative Play - playing catch up with life...

I would love to say that my #1FaceADay has been plain sailing but it hasn't been.
The purpose of this project for me, was about showing up daily.
I try my best to show up most days to paint and I do.
If not for #1FaceADay, for class or just for paintings I'm working on in general.
Sometimes something has to give but I'm doing my best.

I didn't have a great painting week.  I needed to do something to give me a boost.
I woke up, knowing exactly how to move forward.

I cut a bunch of canvas paper pieces and I taped them down.
I was feeling encouraged and inspired.

Two years ago Misty encouraged us to do this in the Face2FaceWorkshop for homework.
I created a long stabilo pencil and I drew these as continuous line drawings... 
holding my pencil at the back end.  Some are pretty scary.... eeeeck.

I started adding white and blending with my stabilo marks before I added color.
I didn't find it by any means easy.  It was messy and the surface was difficult.
But it was good to push through with many layers of paint.

Taping down the cards - left a lovely white boarder around each piece.
I have to say I am loving this set of cards.

I'm glad to say I'm back up to date with life.
I felt out of sorts this past week with my routine and staying on top of life, in general.
But hoping for good things this coming week in terms of managing my time.

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  1. omg how they come alive. thank you for sharing the steps.