Thursday, 11 June 2015

The story behind my beautiful little cards...

The story behind these beautiful little signature cards of mine - I bought them, among some other treats from the most interesting historian, Lamberto in Orvieto.  He has an old fashioned printing press.  He told us about the history of paper, his printing press, etching and also marbling paper.  And shares the most incredible stories about Orvieto.

We had a demonstration in his cave like studio - the stories that lie in that place, etched on the walls and ceiling... enough to make your toes curl.  It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip last year and we spent the better part of the morning with him.  Annie, John and myself lingered longer because his stories were so amazing.  Each piece of art we found had a story of it's own.

Well I couldn't resist these tiny beautiful cards - I hesitated for a moment because they were a bit pricey.  But I now include these hand printed press cards in all my parcels that I send out.  Just a sweet touch of beauty to me.  They mean so much to me.  I write little messages on the back.  But my little stack was dwindling and I was getting worried.

This past month Bill and Kristin were in Orvieto and on their last few days there, I plucked up the courage to ask them if they would mind getting me another box. 

They sent me such a beautiful note....

We just popped into Lamberto's shop to ask him about your cards.
He is going to go look in the studio.
We will let you know if he has any left. They are beautiful! Xo

Ciao! Just picked up a sweet box of cards from Lamberto.
We will put them in the post to you as soon as we get home.
He is so nice....good vibes all around with these dear cards. Xoxo

Oh my goodness - I'm dying to hear more about that story.
And I can't wait for my precious cards to arrive.
Are you kidding - I am so in love with the story behind this.
A beautiful touch to my week - thanks Bill and Kristin.

These are some of the wonderful treats I walked away with from Lamberto's studio - an image of Yates on his death bed (a beautiful story behind that image) and a beautiful image of Orvieto - both I still need to get framed.  To me - sacred treasures that I will always hold so dear.

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