Friday, 5 June 2015

The Scarlet Thread - the tread that connects us...

The Scarlet Tread - the tread that connects us...
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this piece... 

I feel this piece is a patchwork of paint and ephemera as much as a patchwork of influence and gifts from fellow artists.. the lessons from Misty through the years, her gifts of ephemera.
The red thread inspiration from Robin Laws and Sharon Tomlinson and my old art teacher Johan.
The beautiful butterfly washi tape from Renee Plains from a gift I received from her this week.
It feel this is a collaboration - bits taken from here and inspiration from there.
I'm soooo grateful for the wonderful online community that I have had the privilege of being part of for the past few years.  And I think this piece is a real representative of that.
That feels like her story!

I chose quite a biggish canvas to play on... so I had lots of spaces, as you can see.
But I knew when I started to add the paint I would feel better about that.

And I did.
But I felt like it was missing something.  The arms felt flat and so did the background.
Playing with ephemera, I added some more birds.  I worked on the arms and made the dress darker.
But still I felt it was missing something....

I always put my pieces up in front of me and I study them and wait for ideas to come.
I fell asleep by the fireplace and when I woke up I knew how to finish her....

With a scarlet thread... ♥♥♥


  1. stunning piece of art my friend, the thread totally pulled it together! Brilliant!