Tuesday, 30 June 2015

MidYear check in.... #1FaceaDay

June is a wrap!
A few times this month I felt like I wasn't going to make it with my #1FaceaDay.
I'm not one to give up on a challenge or throw in the towel but some days to motivate myself to show up wasn't easy.  The fact that I'm doing it with Annetolie has been a lifesaver, more than she knows.  Seeing her images everyday - has helped keep me focused on days when my attention was waning.

Maybe because it was a tough demanding month with much going on...
Exams, results, play rehearsals which meant late night pick ups and the list goes on.
I also started training my work replacement this month... together with yearly audits at the office etc etc... all in all it's been good but jammed packed.
Also going away for 10 days takes much orchestrating...

That being said - I'm happy to report that I survived June and my #1FaceaDay
181 faces and 6 months in, with 6 months to go... I'm present!
And I'm HERE!

Some close up of my last few days of June!
Even though I found June a challenge - I did some pieces that made me insanely happy!

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