Monday, 22 June 2015

Weekly News... in pictures...

Winter means cold snugly sleepy furr babies.
They suffer in winter, especially Riley because he's so lean.
Oh man look at those eyes.

Still baking low carb treats and options.
Especially for the lunch boxes.  Sunday morning was baking day!
The girls are loving it.  My new low carb book arrives soon.

The girls tucked in - veggie pizza with cali base.

Savory Muffins

2 eggs, 1 cup of grated cheese
1 tablespoon pysllium husks and bacon diced up.
Spoon into muffin trays.  Bake for 20 mins.
Yummy healthy treat.

Corks did her first school league cross country mtb bike race this weekend.
It was tough going and she had to ride in a slightly higher age group.
But she did well.  She came second in her age group and won a spot on the podium, together with some sweet prizes.
A wonderful boost to her bike confidence.  So proud of her!!!
She's so beautiful on the bike.  #ProudMommaMoments

This weekend I managed to find this French Shabby Chic wardrobe on GumTree... :-)
And she fits in so well in our little old house.
These holidays, I'll be heading into Woodstock to pick up old doors and will start the journey of fixing cupboard doors.
Quite excited!

A quick coffee @ The Dogs Bollocks
This week I started training my replacement but we started off here.
A sweet treat!  Digz and I need to have a date here soon.
Apparently the best burgers in town!

This Friday past was movie night.
We were desperate to be home after weeks of exams and Grade 11 concert practice.
I put my foot down this Friday about being home!
We stumbled across McFarland USA - what a delightful story.
I was crying and laughing - what an incredible feel good movie.
I've ordered a copy for my Pops - he was our running coach and I know he will love this true story.
It sure did bring back lots of memories of my running childhood.

Funny enough on Monday morning, quite coincidently my Momma and Pops sent me this image of me running when I was 12.
I guess they too were walking down memory lane.
#nolaughing #longrunninglegs
My girls loved the pictures and thought I was so precious!  Enough for me!

Precious captures.
It's getting harder and harder to get these gems.
The joys of living with teenagers - but this one - took my breath away! 

So I've joined up with this wonderful group of woman, once a month,
to do something creative, together... the first month we got to play with paperclay.
Last week we joined up to expressively play with paint.
I have to say I didn't use a brush but just used water and my hands and I loved it.
No control... just play!  Stunning woman!  Gentle time.  So good for me to get out and play creatively.  A positive step for me.

All n all - I had a good week.
Exams and results are behind us.  I sent off all my packages timeously.
I'm up to date with 1FaceaDay and I have a sense of calm about it.
I finished my Art Entwined tutorials and now I start of journey of making notes and working through the assignments - a huge accomplishment for me.  Got some time #InMyStudio.  Made the most of my extra hours at home.  Feeling encouraged.

As for now, we have a few more days left of this term and we heading into a longish winter holiday and our road trip... 
We are beside ourselves about it!  And seriously counting down the sleeps!
Yay - can't believe we are half way through this year already.
It's been crazy, intense, emotional and full on!!!

Hoping for a gentler second half.  And no better way than starting that off with a holiday!

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