Sunday, 21 June 2015

What a find... Vivian Maier

 So my sweet friend, Amina shared a post on my FB wall about this little treasure.  I watched the trailer and I was so intrigued, I bought the documentary immediately and I was completely blow away by this story, her story but more so her art.  Wow.  What an interesting find....

Her images are powerful and I adore her camera.  What I would give for a camera like that.  But the other thing that blew me away, were her selfies.  We are in the age of selfies but hers were way before her time.  It's as if they were taken for now, for this time... like she knew that.

This absolutely tickled me pink.  From recording voice messages about things happening in and around her.  To taking little video clips to the most powerful images of others and of herself.

Has it inspired me?   Beyond words.  A reminder to live this life, not missing everything... about taking the time to steal moments, to see and to take it all in and to record history.  To tell a story... what is more powerful than an imagery story.  And since I have budding young photographers in our midst - I know they will love this too.  Highly recommend!

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