Sunday, 27 December 2015

#1FaceADay - #361 and 4 to go...

Yahooooo - just 4 little days to go.
And my excitement combined with nerves are growing.
I'm uber stressing about my last face.  I know that's silly but I want her to be special.

Digz asked me last night... "why are you so stressed about your last face... seriously after 361, now you getting nervous".  Hahaha he has a point.

But to be honest, how do you end off something so momentous on something so tiny, like a tiny teabag.    Eeeeeeck!


  1. I know exactly the feeling. But in the end, just being the last was what made her special, not anything I did. I think there is a message there. I'll think about that today. I don't know, maybe it is something about we are all special just being ourselves. You are special. xo

    1. I think you are right! Now having finished - that last one was so special! Thank you for encouraging me all the way! Thank you so much and thank you for saying I'm special! That so made my day! You pretty special yourself! ❤️I know it was from 100faces that much of this inspiration has come! Can't thank you enough for that!