Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas day...

This year we decided as a family to go the "no gift" route.
I know in this day and age, that might seem a little strange but sometimes, it all feels a bit much.  And if we are totally honest, we actually have enough.

That, together with the fact that there was only one thing I wanted for Christmas this year and it was nothing money could buy.... {Time}.

Beautiful, sacred, precious {time}.
It's the most elusive thing in my life and it's the one thing that seems to leave us all wanting.  At times, I feel like I'm clinging to it for dear life!

For me it was about slowing it down, resting through our lunch and being together.
After our lunch, a game of badminton and a nap... We walked together for an hour and a half in this beautiful place.  The lighting was moody and breathtakingly beautiful.  Walking, talking, holding hands, capturing these moments on our lomography cameras.  At times not talking, just being.  Deeply connected! Maybe to our souls as much as to each other!

This may be one of my best Christmas' to date.  So beautifully quiet and perfectly private.  I know it's something I will never forget!

May every holiday be this kind and this gentle and this deep!

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