Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Incredible artistry....

Sue and Albert who own Moonshine on Whiskey Creek are incredible artists in their own right.
Maybe it's why I'm so drawn to this place, when you see creativity all around you, like you do here - it takes you right to the core of your own creativity.  And starts to pry open it's doors.

It was in this place that I dared to dream about my own creative journey, where I made plans to walk that out.  Where I dreamed of making things with my own hands and said some things out loud... and now after all the years, I can look back and say they have come to pass.

A few of our big dreams were born at Moonshine, in Beautiful Butterfly.

I highly recommend to find your own creative haven, take the time and go there to dream!

How insane is that Shower.

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